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Deep dive into the beliefs and values that define you!


Just as the shape of water is ever changing, evolving and becoming... so are we.

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Hi! I am Lonnie Taylor. Welcome to my website!  This site is dedicated to facilitating change, connection and expansion!  I am intrigued by the impact of energy in our lives and hope to share information, concepts and challenges that will increase your awareness.

What do I do?

Life Coaching. What the heck is a life coach, you ask? Who needs a coach for "Life"! "I have a life", you say...  Yes, but is it a LIFE that you LOVE!?! Or is it falling short of the childhood dream of what being "all grown up" would look like?  Are you living that dream today? Do you even remember what that dream was?

One of the magical components of being a child is the "unlimitedness" of life.  ANYTHING is possible in ANY moment! Ever wonder why we let go of that notion? Why don't we still think that way? How could we know that the process of growing up would steal our imagination and replace it with rules, expectations and BOXES! 

Boxes that would contain us, keep us small and force us to conform.  Little by little the walls of these boxes would grow, making it hard to see the possibility outside of the box, and before we knew it we would be living inside of the boundaries, containment and constriction of four small walls, a ceiling and a floor. And inside- we would consider ourselves to be SAFE!

My coaching practice is dedicated to those who are NOT content, who are looking to overcome and who are not afraid to stand in their own authenticity.  If this sounds like you, WELCOME- you are in the right place!


Meet Lonnie

Certified Professional Coach, ELI- MP

What I Specialize In

Circles of Strength for Women

Out of the Box Coaching

Energy Leadership Index


Re-write your limiting beliefs with Psych-K

Small Business Energy Leadership Coaching

Yes, but is it a LIFE that you LOVE!?!

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