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Stuck in the Box

Stuck in a Box

Squares, in contrast to circles, represent the boxes that we find ourselves trapped in from time to time. The boxes that prohibit us from moving forward and instead keep us "stuck" in familiar territory... stuck in the past, stuck in our stories, and stuck in the cycles that we long to escape!  


We grow up believing in the concept of "normal", not only that we ARE "normal", but that anyone experiencing life outside of our experience, is in some way not "normal".


The truth is, we each have our own concept of what life is all about - our own reality.  The walls of the box are actually formed by fear, and the more our beliefs tell us we are captive to the box, the higher the walls of the box appear to be.

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Getting Out of the Box

Only when we allow ourselves to see the confines of the box, do we give ourselves permission to tear down the walls and free ourselves from the fear. It is then that we might discover that the walls of our box, do not even belong to us, but in fact, to those who influenced our lives as we were evolving and becoming who we are today!

One on one coaching gives you the opportunity to discover the unique concept of "who" you are as we investigate the beliefs and values that make you uniquely and intriguingly YOU! If the beliefs you discover empower and serve you, we will CELEBRATE!  BUT if you find that some of these beliefs limit you and give you cause to remain in the box we will examine and strive to re-create the beliefs in a way that better serve you!


Beliefs that Limit Us...

Beliefs that limit us.... those sneaky little, systems of belief that we are not even consciously aware of... Where do they come from, you ask? The answer is that we have been collecting them for years - unconsciously... Which is what makes them so sneaky and hard to find! In the first years of our life we are very fortunate that we process life primarily through our subconscious mind, which is much like a super computer processing at a rate of over 40 million bits per second!


During this time we are downloading information from our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, our teachers, our religious leaders, our classmates, our friends and all others that we come into contact with. From these people we learn how to function as a family, how to mesh with the society we were born into, how to live by the rules that govern our schools, churches and communities. And through this process of downloading the concepts, applying the principles, receiving praise or disapproval, learning some lessons easily and others with a bit more strife; through our own personal life experience we immerge into our very own unique state of "who".

Many of the values and belief systems that we have collected are of great benefit to us! Some keep us safe, some allow for our expansion, some even encourage and push us to become a better version of ourselves.  These concepts and inner beliefs are helpful in guiding our lives forward through the process we are all here to experience - that of growth and expansion.

But what about those beliefs we have acqured that tell us we are NOT safe and that we are best to remain small and contained? These beliefs limit us... they tell us "that could be dangerous", "you might fail", "you could get hurt",  "you are not worthy", "you can't do that", "you can't trust anyone", "you don't belong" and so many other shrinking, diminishing and inhibiting beliefs.

Have you ever found yourself facing the same challenge again and again? Is there an obstacle in your life you just can't seem to overcome? Do you have an inspiration or goal that you truly desire to achieve but something is holding you back? THAT IS A LIMITING BELIEF!

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