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Concept of Circles

Circles of Strength

Circles of Strength for Women...

Enjoy an 8 or 12 week group exploration into the established topic of choice. Circles provide the unusual opportunity to process some of life's biggest challenges in the safety, comfort and compassion of others who are experiencing the same.


Topics such as Grief and Loss, Navigating Transition, Personal Wellness, and Discovering Your Power.


As women, we often give of ourselves to others ... isn't it time to give yourself permission to take care of YOU!?!

This is an occasion to meet weekly, one evening per week, in the safe company of other women who are experiencing similar challenges & fears - share your wisdom and love with the group and receive valuable insight and empowering information.

Circles provide the opportunity to dive into the reasons behind feeling stuck, experience creativity, learn how unimaginably powerful you are and explore new methods and approaches for replacing an outlook of fear with one of love.

Navigating Transition
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Grief and Loss
Personal Wellness
Discover Your Power!
Navigating Transition

An Introduction to Circles

Circles of Strength is a unique adaptation of several strategies for healing which include concepts from The Millionth Circle, The Power of Eight, and an exclusive combination of  leadership coaching skills proprietary to IPEC.  These, along with several other healing and energy modalities are creatively brought together by Lonnie Taylor in a well defined format.

The combination of these skills and techniques is astounding!


New in 2022!

Meet monthly in the safety of the Circle to discuss and process topics of choice! Expansion Circle meets on the second Tuesday evening of each month! Call 406-425-2792 for more information!

Have a great topic idea for a circle? Reach out - let's make it happen!

The Concept of Circles

The theory behind Circles began with a personal experience I had years ago which forever changed my life.  I was a participant in a weekly gathering of women, at that time referred to as a "support group".  This group was a closed group, (meaning that the same participants, all women in this instance) met together weekly with the objective to learn new skills relating to healthy relationships. All of the participants in my group had experienced varying levels of power, control and violence in previous relationships which gave us a "common denominator". The goal of the facilitator was to educate us in the dynamics of healthy relationships, which would potentially assist us in making better choices and decisions with regard to future relationships.

My expectation of the group was pretty simple at that time, I assumed that I would gain knowledge, which would protect me from making poor relationship choices in the future... BUT what I actually received from this experience was SO MUCH MORE - I learned that I was NOT alone.  I finally found a safe place to process my experiences with people who did not judge me or look at me with sympathy or give me advice about how I "should have" handled the situations I had been faced with. Instead, these women KNEW what my experience was like because they too had lived it...

This experience was beyond pivotal to my world at the time, because not only did I have the opportunity to process my own "life experience", but I could offer my support, love and compassion to the other members of the group which gave me a way to fill an empty space I was totally unaware that I had - the gap of being needed.

  Discover your Power
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