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ELI - Energy Leadership Index

What is the Energy Leadership Index and how can it help me?!?!

The Energy Leadership Index is a fascinating way to take a snapshot of your core energy! This assessment is raved about by individuals and corporate leaders as a valuable self-realization tool to access "who" you are and "how" you show up in the world!

Discover and analyze the lenses through which you are currently viewing your life and decide for yourself if you are happy with that interpretation or if you would like to change the lenses and re-evaluate.

You will learn the differences between the expansive, healing, and growth-oriented energy known as anabolic and its opposing perspective which is draining, resisting and contracting energy - identified as catabolic. We will also delve into the Energetic Self-Perception Chart (developed in 1999 by Bruce D. Schneider, founder of IPEC Coaching) and discover what makes you- uniquely YOU!  

IPEC founder Bruce D. Schneider created this unique index based on the concept that we tend to view the world through filters which are based on our individual and personal experiences, values , beliefs and assumptions.  These filters either limit us or expand us. AND by looking at the snapshot of where we are today - we can determine what pieces of our perspective we would like to change!

Sign up below, receive the ELI questionnaire by email, answer a series of questions and receive  a one on one debrief with Lonnie outlining Your Energetic Profile, (how you typically show up) Your Energetic Stress Reaction ( how you show up under stress) and Your Average Resonating Level (ARL) of Energy.

Take a Snapshot of your Energy!

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