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The Journey...

About Lonnie...

Lonnie resides in a beautiful and rural area located in south central Montana and enjoys the beauty and tranquillity of nature on a daily basis!


Lonnie's family consists of her much loved husband,  two adult children, (both enjoying lives of their own) two precious golden retrievers and two ever curious cats.

Lonnie sports an entrepreneurial spirit and has been fascinated by and involved in small business for much of her life. This interest began when Lonnie was a child and observed, (and helped when allowed) her Mother and Aunts with a family owned floral business in their hometown. The hope of owning a small business became an ambition for Lonnie at an early age and that goal remains of importance to this day.

Small business continues to be a passion of Lonnie's as she understands the value small businesses provide to rural communities.  Lonnie and her husband are also the owner's of Q's Quality Auto Repair, Inc., located in Bridger, Montana and are proud to have offered quality automotive repair to their local community for the past 13 plus years!

When not working, Lonnie enjoys sitting by the river in awe, walking in nature, gardening, photography, snowmobiling, painting, writing, participating in deep conversations, and hanging out with those who expand and inspire her!


Lonnie is such a beautiful woman inside and out. Her energy, understanding, love and light is contagious - you cannot help but gravitate to her. She has such a wealth of knowledge to help individuals and groups.            JAS

Lonnie not only shares her wisdom, but does it with such grace, kindness and understanding. The Circle has been an amazing journey! I will forever be grateful for the tools that I am taking with me!                  SJS

Being included in the Circle really keeps me grounded. When I was hanging by what felt like a tiny thread of hope- I joined the Circle and the things I learned have made me realize that "I MATTER"! My voice matters, my hurt matters and my feelings are valid! There are not words enough to express my gratitude.                                ALV

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