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Shine Your Light!

Many of us are feeling the heaviness of "uncertain" and "unprecedented" times, at least these are the words used by the media to describe our current state... While I would disagree with the language the media has chosen, I will agree that in general we are all experiencing shifts and changes in ourselves and in the world that surrounds us. But who defines change as being either good or bad? Change, while uncomfortable at times, is actually necessary! Imagine for a second a world WITHOUT change.... Everything stays the same. Nothing grows or expands. Nothing becomes a better version of itself. Nothing improves. All things, situations, life and energy just sit stagnate and still. HOW AWEFUL!

Now acknowledge change for the amazing opportunity that it is for us. Change gives us the ability to look at a situation, determine if we are happy with it in its current state, and then begin to envision the way we would like it to be. Sometimes action is necessary, other times not. But with certainty, change is an ally, an opportunity and a valuable component of manifestation.

So now back to our current world situation... please consider how you would like the outside world to be. Envision what it would look like, what it smells like, what it feels like, what it might taste like and what it might sound like... If your answer includes words like without, lack, can't, against, opposed, fighting, fear, conflict, anger etc. TRY AGAIN - Visualize the world in the form you would MOST like to see - not from the view point of what you do NOT want to see. Open your heart to LOVE and as you do, wipe away the FEAR that separates and divides us.

This country proudly flies a flag which represents "One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL." The time has come to make this a reality rather than an ideal... If we are to be "indivisible" we must erase all that divides us - economics, color, religion, politics, belief systems, grudges, inherited ways of thinking, social norms, and all other concepts of separation. And then we must replace these divisional concepts with those that UNITE us, build us and expand us - as a WHOLE, not as a piece of the whole, but as an unbroken, undivided, entirety. A world enveloped with and in LOVE!

So how do we get there? Simple- LIGHT and LOVE! We must shine light towards the darkness. Light erases darkness and illuminates the space previously held by darkness. Think of a flashlight - what happens when you shine it into a dark room? The room is filled with light, even if only for a short time - the dark space is no longer dark because it is illuminated with light. I grew up believing that there is "good and evil" in the world and that I was subject to the consequences of either. As a child, this was often really scary to believe that a presence outside of me called "Evil" or "the Devil" could sneak in and overcome me. While I know that many religions teach the concept of the devil and of evil - it is one of my peeves to hear someone blame a wrong doing or bad choice on the devil. As if this dangerous looking red being, holding a pitch fork could MAKE us, as humans, do ANYTHING! Everything - yes EVERYTHING, is a CHOICE - a choice that we and we alone make for ourselves.

We live in a world of duality. For every idea, situation or thought process there is an opposite. The concept of opposite is what allows us to evaluate the perception and determine which end of the stick we like most. Without some weight on BOTH ends of a teeter totter it just sits there, lop sided and without the fun and enticement of the thrilling back and forth motion - the MOVEMENT is what creates the sensation in your body of fun, exhilaration and excitement! Without the weight on both sides, or the gift of duality we cannot fully experience life in this existence. So begin to appreciate duality for the gift that it is - use your humanness to determine what brings you joy and expansion. What lights up your world? And how can you share it with the rest of the world?

When you locate YOUR LIGHT - the next step is simple.... SHINE IT! Shine your light out into the world, shine it in the directions of darkness and despair. Shine it towards "evil" in the world. Boldly shine it in the eyes of the Devil (if you believe in such a being)! Gather in all of the illumination of light and LOVE - feel it growing inside of you, feel it as it fills you to capacity and then from that bright, heartfelt, illuminated, and ready to shimmer state begin to share it by SHINING IT! Point your light in the direction of hate, fear, anguish, separation, and division - light up the space that was formerly occupied by darkness with the light that LOVE makes possible.

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