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I will begin with acknowledging that it has been awhile since my last blog post - I am acknowledging this, but not apologizing for it because I, (like many of you) have been busy peering at the world through lenses I could never have imagined - actually, from a variety of new and unique perspectives. And I have been consumed by trying each one on to determine which of these "perspectives" would become my Truth.

As you know, we - and by "we" I mean the world... have spent much of the past two months weaving in and out of fear, trying to make sense of an accumulation of information that later becomes misinformation, which is then criticized by one side and revered by the other side and is then turned over and over and inside out with an interpretation of what is happening (or might happen) as seen through the eyes of each individual - reporting their own individual version of truth. (Exactly the reason that I refuse to watch the news!)

Truth. What a powerful and absolute word. As if only one "Truth" exists... EVER. As if nothing and no one can ever change or impact the validity of Truth. For centuries we humans have been trying to convince other members of the human race that only one truth exists. " Our Truth." We see evidence of this in politics, relationships, religion, education, the workplace, our families and most deeply in the view we take of ourselves through the eyes of our own Ego. We want to believe that Truth is simple and exists in ONLY one space with absolutely no room for another... not for another's viewpoint, for another's thought process, for another's theory, or for another's reality.

Each of us, as individuals, have been forced to look inside of ourselves over the past months and have no doubt been faced with a myriad of fears - some old and familiar, and some very new and surprising to us. The fears of each individual have been met energetically and have passed throughout the invisible web impacting each of us in ways we can both comprehend and at the same time, can never understand. We hear the opinions and viewpoints of others as they express their version of reality and internally we are forced to measure their version with our own version - with our own values - with our own beliefs and with what feels integral within us.

As we move through this process, we experience feelings that are new to us, some of which comfort us and others of which spark a fire within us and a need to lash out and express the frustration, anger and disbelief that we are experiencing. We are both stunned at the viewpoint of another and grateful for the pieces of that viewpoint that will contribute in time to our own Truth.

You see, the "Truth" of another is designed to encourage us to find our own version of Truth. The reconciliation of what "Our Truth" looks like, smells like, tastes like, sounds like and most importantly, feels like. That "Truth" that only you can know- because it is uniquely YOURS!

Truth is amazingly powerful and held so precious by our Soul that for centuries we have laid down our lives in defense of it. Truth is not always easy to find, it demands attention and soul searching. It often forces us to look at those pieces of ourselves that we long to heal, and this process can be uncomfortable and often times unpleasant. BUT once the healing is complete - and only then, can we move forward to the next best version of ourselves.

As I bring this blog post to a close, I would encourage each of you to commit to finding YOUR TRUTH. Your very own, uniquely special and amazing TRUTH. Look deep within yourself, as you sort through the various concepts of truth that exist out there in the world, use your own values as you sift through the theories, allow the ideas of others to be filtered through your unique belief system- you might even find yourself in a space that demands a re-write of beliefs as you determine that a particular belief is no longer serving you because it is coming from a place of fear.

The answer is ALWAYS within - YOUR TRUTH is uniquely yours! Find it, explore it and most importantly, don't be afraid to hold onto it when needed, and to let go of pieces of it when it is time to expand to a newer and bigger version of Truth. Love will always be stronger than fear, when in doubt- let LOVE lead the way!

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